Android Phones, Android Devices, iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices are impacting the way we need to market!

With the continued growth in device usage, the significance of online presence to even the smallest business is exponentially increasing. Now consumers who search online are not only finding the products and services they want or need while sitting at their desktop or a laptop computer, they are shopping online everywhere they go. This is happening whether they are looking for an online product or a local shop that carries what they are searching for. Whether searching for a local dentist, lawyer, window cleaning company, bed bug inspector, website designer, or any other type of a service, if you are not appearing on their mobile devices, your business is missing out.

Search engines such as Google, social networking sites such as Facebook & Google+ now have algorithms to feed your search data based on your actual location. This occurs whether your location based GPS is turned on or not since your location is approximated based on the cell tower your data is processed through. While this may raise some concerns about privacy to consumers, it definitely should be of concern to business owners for a different reason. Location based advertising and search are here to stay, therefore if your business is not found by these consumers, you are missing out! They will pass right by your store or office if they are not finding you when searching for your product or service.

At Columbus, Ohio based RBiZ Marketing we specialize in helping your business to be found online, whether it is a computer, phone, or device. This ranges from Search Engine Optimized Website Design for new sites, and Optimization of existing sites, to setting up and even managing complete Social Media Marketing programs for your business. Contact us today to schedule an Online Marketing Consultation for your business.


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