The New Status Quo

For years the status quo has been to place an advertisement in the “phone book” or Yellow Pages. With the onset of the internet and the tremendous growth of Google as well as Yahoo, and Bing, things have changed. In a digital world with smartphones, ipad’s, and androids, not to mention laptops, internet cafe’s, and so many other places to connect, to be in business your business needs to be online.

Did you know that over 85% of your potential customers, clients, or patients will look at your businesses website before making that first contact?

Since your website will likely be the first view of your business and will influence the decision to do business, it is becoming more and more important that the design of your site offer a good first impression. However, it is also extremely important to provide the opportunity to get that first impression.

Is Google the new status quo? You decide.

  • Have you ever used or heard the term “Google it”?
  • When was the last time you heard “look it up in the Yellow Pages”?
  • When was the last time you picked up a phone book? Did you open it?
  • Have you looked up a business on Google Places or Maps?
  • Has an online review about a business or product influenced your buying decision?
  • Have you found a business or product using a search engine?
  • Do you have internet on your phone?

The fact is that the internet has quickly become the most important medium for marketing any business, agency or practice. If you are not being found, and found quickly (most people will only search one to two pages before entering a different keyword phrase) then your business is or will be falling behind. When you are found in the search engines it is important that you are found not only by your business name, but also by the key phrases that people search when looking for your type of business.

For example:
Searching for a  dentist I may type:

  1. dentist in clintonville oh
  2. dentist in delaware ohio
  3. cosmetic dentist in delaware oh
  4. columbus ohio dental office

Searching for an attorney:

  1. workers compensation attorney columbus ohio
  2. Columbus Ohio personal injury lawyer
  3. estate attorney in Ohio
  4. Sandusky lawyer

Searching for a Chiropractor:

  1. Chiropractor in Newark, Ohio
  2. back pain in Columbus
  3. natural health clinic in Marion Oh
  4. Lancaster herniated disc treatment

Similar to finding a business by a category, the way the phone book works, most people will enter greater than 3 keywords to describe what they are looking for when searching online. Try this: search for your business as if you were a potential customer who knows what they want, but are not familiar with your business. If you are not coming up on the first page, then you need to consider updating your online marketing strategy.

When we optimize an online marketing strategy, we take what we think will work then research to see what people are actually typing into the search engines when looking for what it is that you do. In this way we are able to determine and target the keyword phrases that are being searched the most by your potential customers, thus providing your business with the most effective search engine marketing results.

As a Columbus Ohio based website designer, search engine optimization, and social media marketing firm, we service local Ohio clients as well as businesses throughout North America. RBiZ Marketing markets doctors, dentists, lawyers and law firms, manufacturing, trucking, residential services, business services, restaurants, daily deal websites, and more. Contact us at (614) 285-7249 to schedule a consultation.  Let us help your business to be found online and achieve the new status quo.

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